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Start living your best life today!
Yvonne Heatchone owner the healing room cape town

Hi, I'm Yvonne

I specialise in integrating holistic healing techniques and craniosacral therapy to help you heal physical and emotional pain..

When the body is in balance it speeds up muscle recovery, removes toxins and helps you to let go of stress. I use Akashic Record Readings to give you an understanding of why you repeat unhealthy patterns that are holding you back from living your best life and how to release them.
By looking at the whole picture - the physical, emotional and spiritual- I help you to activate your full potential within and help you transform into the happiest, healthiest version of yourself.

Do you wonder if you’re living your life to its full potential? If living your best life is a goal, read on.

Do any of these feel familiar?

Are you stressed and find it difficult to relax and using food as an anxiety relief?

I have had great success in treating these symptoms by using the Chakra Balancing Technique to help calm the mind and bring deep relaxation throughout the body.

Do you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or sleeping too much?

Craniosacral therapy helps  you to relax and restore from the negative effects from sleep disturbances.

Do you need help with headaches, general pain relief or muscle recovery ?

Craniosacral therapy works on relieving muscle tension and relieves pain and brings about faster muscle recovery.

Have you lost your sense of purpose and are looking for a new direction?

An Akashic Reading will help you to gain a better understanding of who you are and why you are feeling like you are 
blocked or repeating negative cycles.

Are you suffering from Burnout you would like support with?

When you are feeling the effects of burnout an energy healing session can clear the body of blockages of negative energy to give more space for a more positive flow of energy.

Are you feeling like there is more to life and that every day is an uphill struggle ?

To turn on all the lights to your true potential, I recommend DNA Activation to help clear stubborn blocks and toxins out of the energy field and activate your physical and mental healing process.

I help clients with similar challenges every day. If  you need help with emotional and physical wellbeing, contact me to learn how you can benefit from working with me.



of women report experiencing ANXIETY.

Source: SADAC


of women report experiencing BURNOUT.

Source: SIOPSA


of women report experiencing DEPRESSION.

Source:Health-e org


Working with me is easy

I invite you to let me help plot a personalised map for your unique healing journey back to living your best life.

The Healing Room is a safe space of unconditional acceptance, located in a beautiful heritage building in Paarl. The tranquil gardens that surround it help you to find that quiet place, an inner voice,  a nudging from our soul, when we have a deeper knowing that we  are not living on the path of our true soul potential.


Craniosacral Therapy 


(60 min)



(60 min)



(60 min)



(60 min)



(60 min)



(90 min)

Learn about my healing solutions and start living your best life today.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions about whether coaching is the right fit for you or which program might be best, please do get in touch.

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For an in-depth life-transforming experience, join one of my immersive workshops or weekend-away retreats.


“Every time I walk out of Yvonne’s healing room, I feel like parts of me have come home to myself. She is a profound healer and also one of the most compassionate people I’ve ever been treated by. “

-Pamela (Cape Town)

-Jen (Durbanville)

My Akashic records experience with Yvonne was fantastic - interesting and magical. Wow, I feel like I finally understand who I am!!!  On top of all that, she was really relaxed, compassionate and humorous and that made me feel comfortable.

-Jackie (Constantia)

“Yvonne’s nurturing nature and calming aura always feels welcoming and warm. She’s been my rock in a couple of my unravelling moments. I feel like a new person after our sessions and the tools she has given me have really helped with finding balance in my life.''

-Christine (Paarl)

“You are a miracle worker!! My neck pain is gone and so are my headaches. Thank you for holding such a safe and non-judgmental space for me to fall apart. I honor the work you do. “

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