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What are the Akashic Records? Akashic records are a nonphysical, vibrational library that tell the story of your soul's journey. In order to better understand who you are, it’s important to know who you’ve been. Nothing is random - So if you find yourself reading this page, this is where your soul has guided you to be. It is this Divine aspect of ourselves, an inner voice, a nudging from our soul, when we have a deeper knowing that we are not on the path of our true soul potential. When I do an Akashic reading for you, I help you to gain information from the time your soul was created and help you to better understand why you tick the way you do. I’ll be able to give you insights into your past lives, what trauma you bring into your present situation from your past, why you are stuck in repeating negative patterns and what your soul lesson is that you have come to learn in this life. We explore you Divine given talents and gifts you have been given for your future, how to harness these possibilities and I support you in gaining the life you want and to help you reach your full potential. As a human You are a Divine expression of God, the prime source creator of everything. In today’s busy world and the way society is structured we lose sight of the fact that we are here as souls, having a human experience. At the Healing Room I offer two options - Basic (one hour) or In-Depth (90 minute session). What can I expect from a Basic Akashic Reading? Join me in exploring your evolving place in this universe. • By accessing the Akashic records I am able to give you a deeper understanding as to why situations occur - giving advise on how to move forward positively and what your soul purpose is at this time. • Your soul family and starseed origins. You’ll learn about the very first place of your soul’s incarnation. • You will discover the history of your soul’s journey so you can get a better understanding of who you are because of who you have been. • I’ll explain more about why your soul chose to incarnate into this life at this time and what guidance you need to make choices that align with your purpose. 60 Minute follow-up session Most of my clients book follow up sessions to help to integrates the messages they have received and sometimes we also do follow up energetic clearing or balancing.

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