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  • 1 h
  • 650 South African rand


What is Chakra balancing? “Just like a battery, every cell in our body is capable of emitting large amounts of measurable energy." In Ayurvedic medicine, a Chakra is defined as a “wheel of life ". When these wheels are turning in the right way, at the correct speed and with no obstacles they allow us to live a life bursting with mental clarity and physical vitality. How does the treatment work? Working with me is easy !The treatment follows an initial consultation where you will lie, fully clothed on the therapy bed and I will work on the Chakras to bring them into balance. What are the health benefits of Chakra Balancing The seven main Chakras are located along the spine, Stretching from the base to the crown. They connect to specific organs, neurons, glands and embodies physical and mental aspects of ourselves. Stress-induced emotions consume huge amounts of energy and over time cause blocks in the rhythm of energy flow through our bodies. So much of who we are, our life patterns, our choices and our limiting beliefs about ourselves are stored in these centers. By understanding which Chakras are overactive, under active or blocked we treat and bring them into balance to enable you to live Who would benefit from this treatment ? People who want to, improve their vitality, boost their immune system, over come insomnia and depression or those seeking help with weight loss can benefit from a Chakra balancing session. It will increase mental agility, alleviate the symptoms of long term stress and give relief from pain to name but a few. All ages can benefit from it, including infants and young children. But chakra balancing will be particularly helpful to those who are experiencing physical or emotional instability.

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