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How I Work

I specialise in integrating holistic healing techniques and craniosacral therapy to help you heal physical and emotional pain.

No question is too big or small and no two sessions are ever the same. It’s an organic intuitive process and all that I require is an open mind, heart, and interest in who you really are at a soul level so that we can work beyond what the blocks and repeated patterns are and move you into living a more joy filled live.

At the time of a requested meeting, I will begin with a brief process by which I gain permission to connect with your Akashic Records directly.

I prefer to work “blind” and only require your date, time, place of birth and your full names given at birth, or nick-names or names you go by at this time.

Once this part of your reading has been completed, I will let you know and you can send me your questions.

Once I’ve read your records fully I will set up a session via Zoom or in person. In our session together I will go through what I’ve read from your records and we can discuss what the most relevant information for you is at this moment in time.

We will discuss where you feel stuck and go through solutions to the problems you are experiencing so that you can move into your true soul’s purpose.

Near the end of the Reading, I will inform the you that our session is coming to a close.
We will recap and close the session.

Are you ready to meet yourself at a whole new level ?

Helpful information to help you prepare for an
Akashic Records reading with me.

In my Akashic Records readings I will go into detail about your soul personality, where your soul has spent the most time from the time you incarnated and we will discuss your Divine gifts and talents.

When you come for an Akashic Records reading it’s best to go through your questions in advance and we will discuss them when we’ve booked a discovery call.

The Akashic Records are so vast that the as a channeler, I will need some direction to give you the reading that is most pertinent to you at this time.

It would not be very satisfying to hear information about things that don’t particularly concern or interest you. Which is why I advise clients to think of the 3 most important questions they want answered and then focus on those aspects of your life.

Most clients want direction in their spiritual lives, some want advice regarding their careers or relationships. Some people want to hear about all aspects of their lives.

It really doesn’t matter which areas of your life that your questions are focussed, as long as they are meaningful to you.

These a some of the questions clients regularly ask :

What do I need to know and understand about myself in order to accept and love myself completely?

Can you show me the mental blocks and fears that keep me from manifesting my true potential in my life?

What behaviors and beliefs do I have that are self-limiting and how can I release them?

What is the pattern I create the most in my relationship with the opposite sex?

How can I best share my divine gifts and talents with others?

Do I have any past life contracts, bindings, or curses that I have carried over into this life and are impacting me in this life?

What is standing in my way of a deeper relationship?

Do I share past lives with my partner, siblings, parents or children ?

Can you show me some of my past lives in which I was wealthy and some of the strengths, abilities and gifts I had to achieve that kind of success?

What can I understand, shift or release to improve my relationships with partners or work colleagues ?

I want to make a career change, what line of work would best suit my purpose at this time ?

Am I following my spiritual path ?

What is causing me to feel so insecure. Why do I lack self-confidence?

Do I have any unhelpful vows ( poverty, chastity, silence and so on ) from past lives that I need to release.

What is this problem trying to tell me? Is there any event that has happened in my past life that might have contributed to create this condition?

Why do I keep repeating the same lessons in different ways ?

Where does my fear of failure come from?

Am I experiencing this problem as a result of karma I created in my previous life?


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