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  • 1 h
  • 650 South African rand


What is a DNA activation treatment? The science of DNA Activation. We as humans only use approximately 3% of our DNA, according to geneticists and the other 97% is considered “Junk DNA”. In this treatment, I help you to activate the enormous amount of untapped data embedded in your DNA structure which holds the information that can help you to reach new levels of personal growth and tap your potential that is not yet activated. Quantum scanning of the brain and limbic system has given us a better understanding of the science behind the practice of DNA activation and healing. Which is why it has moved it to the forefront scientifically in the last decade. Our physical DNA creates the blueprint for our physical characteristics and the way we live and function. While the spiritual DNA within us lies mostly dormant. Yet as we know, a human being is actually a spiritual being having a human experience. A soul within a body. How does work? After our initial consultation you will lie on the bed, fully clothed and I will work, non invasively, with your body’s own healing capabilities to clear away commonly held blocks and help you to start accessing your true potential which lies with in your spiritual and emotional DNA. Who would benefit from this treatment? If you are stuck in a rut, just not feeling like you are living to your full potential or emotionally burnt out or struggling to lose extra unwanted weight, a DNA Activation will help clear stubborn blocks and toxins out of the energy field and activate your physical and mental healing process. It turns on all the lights to your true potential. Are you ready to shed the energetic weight and ignite your inner courage to begin self mastery and begin to embody your best life.?

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