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  • 1 hour
  • R1800


What are the Akashic Records? Akashic records are a nonphysical, vibrational library that tell the story of your soul's journey. In order to better understand who you are, it’s important to know who you’ve been. When I do an Akashic reading for you, I help you to gain information from the time your soul was created and help you to better understand why you tick the way you do. I’ll be able to give you insights into your past lives, what trauma you bring into your present situation from your past, why you are stuck in repeating negative patterns and what your soul lesson is that you have come to learn in this life. At the Healing Room I offer two options - Basic (one hour) or In-Depth (90 minute session). What can I expect from a In-Depth Akashic Reading? A Soul Reading within the Akashic Records with me is a dynamic experience in which I am able to give you a clearer understanding of who you are because you will know who you’ve been. • Our past patterns form our future paths. By discovering what traumas and wounding you carry into this life time we can unpack why certain situations re occur. I will be able to advise you on how to let go of these patterns and limiting beliefs so that you move forward positively and into your true  soul purpose is at this time. • When we get a clearer picture of what it is that our soul has come to learn, what the lessons are, it helps you to understand why you attract certain people, situations and experiences into your life and how they fit into your soul’s path. • By Learning  about the very first place of your soul incarnated and other places you have spent time,  you will have a better understanding of your souls blueprint and  personality. What makes you tick at a deeper level and why you are innately the way you are • You will discover your gifts and talents by knowing what skills and careers you have had in lifetimes before and what this means for who you are now.• We will unpack your souls Archetypes, shadows and  help clarify your soul’s strengths and weaknesses, plus discover what your soul has to say about your strongest intuitive gift at this time. • Your souls journey to this point. We will go through an overview of how many lives you’ve had on Earth, which periods of history and which places you’ve spent the most time in, along with the spiritual paths that have shaped your growth and which roles you’ve taken on.

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